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CMS Headquarters Capitol Hill Washington DC

About Us. CMS Headquarters, Washington DC

About Us. CMS, conveniently located on Capitol Hill in a stunning 1894 Victorian, offers dynamic, dependable approaches to video production. Our courageous concepts are both compelling and engaging to move the viewer to action. And our friendly, open work style promotes creative, comprehensive communications solutions. Award-winning services include: creative direction • film • video production • TV commercials • radio spots • podcasts • scriptwriting • graphics • sound  • styling • and all flavors of writing.

More about us. Creative Management Services boasts numerous industry awards and a 95% D&B rating.

More about us. As wordsmiths and image makers, CMS produces powerful communications. To persuade and influence. To move and motivate. To educate and inform.Create urgency and deliver your corporate message with dynamic, digestible film and video production.

Talented teams of video producers, scriptwriters, DPs, sound engineers, directors and photographers stand ready to take you to the next level. Every phase of your new-fangled marketing program, including your video production, must meet with your approval and include your input, your corporate spirit. And feel like a fuzzy slipper. Comfy. Just right. But most importantly, your videos must create a compelling need to know and a driving desire for your products and services. Here’s what a client say about us.

 “A visually dynamic and compelling video from CMS! Extols the benefits of IPv6 (Internet Protocol 6) in a fun, engaging treatment easily understood by technical and non-technical viewers alike.” Wes Crum, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, IPv6 Co-Chair Transition Workgroup

Washington’s premiere media production company CMS boasts 10 coveted PEER Awards: Best Director; Best Scriptwriter; Best Internal Communications. As well as, First-Place Winner, Independent Writers of Washington; Major Achievement in Marketing Excellence (MAME) Award; and a Certificate of Appreciation, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.