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Anne Schwab and Liliane Blom winners of many coveted video and photography awards.

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Contact Us. CMS of Washington, DC creates powerful programs of persuasion including compelling, award-winning video production with dynamic visuals, original and compelling scripting and artful direction. Contact us to learn how each production involves a dedicated creative group to develop deliverables that surpass expectations. Every year our dynamic, motivating videos win industry awards and recognition. We stand alone in out-of-the-box creative to realize your goals and move you ahead of the competition. CMS is legendary for transforming dry, often boring materials into engaging, response-driven videos. We get rid of the yawn!

First, we determine whether your video production takes its direction from advertising, marketing, or public relations. We assemble a select group of creative directors, scriptwriters and producers to develop the energetic creative or idea. A scriptwriter weaves the storyline with compelling, unexpected words and phrases. A talented team of photographers, DPs, video producers, sound engineers, graphic designers, scriptwriters, editors, colorists, sound sweeteners, artists, makeup artists and stylists transform your project from idea to impact.

Contact us to learn the federal government produces tens of thousands of government videos every year. And as the world’s largest buyer of good and services, the United States government is the largest purchaser of video as well. Many prized government contracts for video services are awarded to small businesses. In 2012 almost $100 billion in contracts went to small businesses, including video production companies. CMS produces video products every federal agency needs including—expositional videos, internal communications, PSAs, event videos, marketing videos and training videos. Take a look at our videos created for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The clients are changing. The competition is growing. Only new thinking and lead-edge marketing will move you to the next level of success. Let’s team to create a dynamic, compelling marketing program positively right for you.

Clients include: Veterans Affairs, GSA, Department of Labor, Marriott, IBM, IRS, Van Metre Construction. Contact us today, 202 333 3560.