STAND-OUT! How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Press Release


Working on a new production? Is it of topical interest with a twist? Then you have the making of a successful online press release and an effective free publicity tool. Follow these six simple tips and you too will create a newsworthy, stand-out press release that assures publication.

  1. Grab ’em from the get-go.

Make your company or agency jump off the page. A snappy headline demands attention. “Dog bites mailman” isn’t news, but “Mailman bites dog” is.  Interesting content + clarity + creativity = success.

  1. The facts, just the facts.

A newsletter must include the five Ws: who, what, when, where and why. And maybe “how.” If you leave facts out, like the time of your event, you will lose your audience. Duh! Bullets can be very effective and easy to read.  Remember, a press release is news, not advertising.

  1. Forget the fancy fonts.

Overdone graphics are distracting and look unprofessional. Pare down and prepare for success.

  1. A picture speaks a thousand words.

An appropriate photo or illustration—with captions—gives your potential clients an immediate explanation in addition to holding their interest.

  1. Be up front.

The old 80-20 adage is true with press release as well. Eighty percent of your readers will read only 20% of your copy, so tell them early.  And, if possible keep it under a page.

  1. A capital idea. 

Case is important. Austin State University research shows that emails WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS are harder to read than those written in upper and lower case.

Call Creative Management Services and we’ll write an attention-grabbing press release for your company. How’s that grab ya?