Scriptwriting is the art and craft of writing for film, television—expositional videos, internal communications, feature films, infomercials, television productions, sales and marketing videos, training videos, educational videos, and PSAs or commercials (both TV and radio).

Scriptwriters at CMS exhibit the honed skill of storytelling, show a command of the language, and the gift of imagination. Often the scriptwriter is tasked with the development of the creative idea, the characters and the motivation for the characters, as well as the dialogue and narrator sequences.

Below you will find full length video scripts as well as commercials, podcasts, PSAs and radio spots.  You may also access the scripts through our category drop down menu.  Click on thumbnails.


 Stone Ridge Script

Van Metre Homes Script


Lockheed Martin Script

E-gov-Travel Script

e-Gov Travel Script


Veterans Affairs Script


Veterans Affairs Script


Veterans Affairs, IPv6 Script


Department of Labor Script

Women in Community Service

WICS Script

Bob_Morrison Script - A life remembered

A Life Remembered Script

Baldrige Award Script

Commerce Award Script

Sri Lankan Help Script

Sri Lankan Help Script


Little Caesars Script

Sitar Art Center Script

Sitar Art Center Script

Podcast Script

Veteran Affairs Podcast Script

Script Alice in Veggie Land

Agriculture Script

Jockey Sale at Macy's Script

Jockey  Sale at Macy’s Script

Dominion Hospital Script

Dominion Hospital Script

Silver Diner Script

Silver Diner Script

Frugal Fannie's Script

Frugal Fannie’s Script

PSA for the American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society


Dar Es Salam Script


Steven Windsor Script


Harbor Monster Script

Ganett Script

Ganett Script

Scriptwriters research the subject of the video, sometimes reviewing hundreds of pages of background material. If the material is technical in nature, the scriptwriter needs technical writing skills as well. And writes for both a technical or nontechnical audience for internal communications, infomercials, training and educational videos.

Director discussing script with Director of Photography

Director discussing script with Director of Photography

Scriptwriters also rewrite or “doctor” scripts to improve the continuity, strengthen the storyline and characters, or tighten the dialogue.

Scripts receive a lighter touch if the scriptwriter shows versatility and a talent for writing humor.  Taking dry, often boring material and peppering the script with humor may spice up the video and give it more interest and stickiness. Internal communications, marketing videos and training and educational films may benefit from short, witty interludes. If the audience laughs, you know they’re awake!

A good production starts with a good script. And a producer, actor or director knows they have a better chance for success working from a good, solid script. An experienced scriptwriter studies the habits of the target audience. And writes a script using everyday language and impeccable sentence structure with characters that speak effortlessly.

A scriptwriter of PSAs must understand the short form and know how to write concisely, energetically and effectively and deliver the message in just 30 to 60 seconds.