A fundamental component of any successful corporate marketing campaign is a video. An exciting, compelling and consistent visual representation of your message. A well-planned script and video by CMS is an indispensable promotional tool for meetings, conferences, one-on-one sales meetings and the web. And offers new, engaging content to persuade, engage and motivate. Filmmakers today recognize the importance of good content, content that sticks.

Filmmakers today focus on determined, dynamic video with sticky content to hold an audience and move them to a response. A corporate video understands what your audience needs to hear and see before they give your company the green light. Corporate video includes: testimonials; training; internal communications; marketing; employee retention; recruitment; TV commercials; PSAs; CEO messaging; meetings and convention coverage; business to business and documentaries.

Today government video producers expect their productions to look as finished and professional as high-end commercial productions. The government expects more from their producers and will no longer settle for just “It OK for government work.”

 Stone Ridge Script

Van Metre Homes Script


Lockheed Martin Script


Little Caesars Script

Women in Community Service

WICS Script

Sitar Art Center Script

Sitar Art Center Script

Ganett Script

Gannett Script


Once the script is approved, the cast and crew are booked and  the locations scouted. The actors are cast, rehearsed and filmed; graphics, logos and animation are added to insure your brand. The voiceover is taped and mixed in a studio and the video is edited and ready for primetime.

Videos attract more eyeballs than press releases, blogs and websites combined. And often bring an immediate buy-in. In a fraction of the time, a corporate video persuades and convinces.