If your organization seeks  a polished, crackerjack podcast, with impeccable, impressive production value, you will need—an awesome scriptwriter, one talented director, actors and/or narrators, a sound studio, a hosting services and a feed.

Question: If a podcast plays in the forest but nobody hear it, does it make an impact? Answer: No. So, how do you create and promote your podcast and bring folks to the forest? Hire a great scriptwriter.

Recording Studio

New Service Request Podcast

An example of a podcast produced by CMS for U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – it explains in a fun and engaging manner a new administrative tool.

An award-winning scriptwriter from CMS first analyzes your marketing plan to understand how a podcast will help reach your goals. The scriptwriter then works with you to develop a message then enters a creative zone where words and phrases take on different meanings. And an unexpected arrangement of words will take the listener where perhaps they never have been.

The government, private industry and universities utilize podcasts to inform and teach their audiences. Podcasts—often for viewing or listening on iPods—become teaching devices for instructional media. Scriptwriters work with the course content designed by teachers, instructional designers and corporate managers for content. (Audio podcasts are relatively inexpensive to produce compared to video or vodcasting.) Several scriptwriters at CMS began their careers as teachers and boast extensive knowledge of curriculum and lesson planning.

To advertise your podcast, a copywriter | scriptwriter can also write 300 words—-your sales pitch—-to submit to free press release services like iNewswire that are then scrubbed by search engine bots.

The writing and the direction of that creative often fall to a combination scriptwriter | director at CMS. Understanding the structure of the podcast and the emotional commitment required for success calls for exceptional talents. Directing, like scriptwriting, demands intense, impassioned engagement. To be able to feel what the audience feels when listening to your podcast is the hallmark of a great scriptwriter | director.