A well-scripted corporate video sits at center of any successful marketing campaign. And rouses interest and enthusiasm for your brand. A well-scripted corporate video from CMS becomes your marketing powerhouse promoting your messaging and galvanizing your clients.

An indispensable tool in your corporate toolbox, a successful corporate video uses the art of storytelling to transcends the fray. And moves your brand from recognizable to unforgettable.  A well-scripted video uses language that is new and impressionable. Language that strikes hard emotionally, even viscerally.

A successful corporate video reflects your values and business ethics and offers a winning snapshot of the company. And along with vibrant visuals and sticky content, helps build a perception of trust.

Video persuades, motivates, educates and delivers your message consistently at meetings, conferences, one-on-one sales meetings and the Web. A video along with companion print materials, manuals, podcasts, a convention presence, a strong Web presence and oodles of social media makes a corporate marketing statement hard to ignore.

Today, social media partners with streaming video and downloaded video for a new corporate experience. Your corporate message is viewed on iPhones, tablets and Internet-connected TVs. High Bandwidths are need to view high-resolution streaming video. Streaming systems use real-time compression to lessen the amount of bandwidth need for a connection. “Real Time Streaming Protocol” (RTSP) is a network protocol. HTTP is used to stream content stored on a Web server. Media players offer built-in support to receive audio/video streams on your computer. Media players include: QuickTime, RealPlayer and Windows Media Player.

Filmmakers at CMS focus on determined, dynamic video with sticky content to hold an audience and move them to a response. A corporate video focuses on what your audience needs to hear and see before they give your company the green light and includes influential products — testimonials, training, internal communications, marketing, employee retention, recruitment, TV commercials, PSAs and documentaries.

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