Internal Communications

Internal Communications Video. Because of the endless need for funding, nonprofits engage in an unending effort to find new sponsors and retain their loyal supporters. In the world of commerce, an investment of money begs a profit. In the nonprofit world, an investment of money demands the fulfillmen of an honorable mission. Those missions areas include: health, religion, museum, arts and the humanities, housing and economic development, education, environment, animals, foreign affairs, and public and societal.

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 Stone Ridge Script

Stone Ridge Script


Lockheed Martin Script

E-gov-Travel Script

E-gov-Travel Script


Internet 2 Script


IPv6 the Sequel Script


IPv6 Script


Script Project Gate

Women in Community Service

WICS Script

Many in the nonprofit culture, like their for-profit counterparts, must attract investors, entice and retain employees, maintain quality control and produce overall marketing efforts. But with fewer funding resources and a driving need to raise money.

Fundraising involves convincing donors that your nonprofit has clear goals, an unwavering vision and concrete results. And the you offer solid, strong leadership, and durable strataegic thinking and planning. Donors need to know that their money will bring about excellent results and realize their own corporate mission. But how to get the attention of the grant panel?

One of the premier tools in a nonprofit’s fundraising tool box is a video, sometimes several. Videos now play a critical role in successful marketing an organization’s passion of purpose. And often headline a fundraising campaign.

A large part of fundraising is grant writing. Carefully crafted documents stating objectives and methods must include measureable outcomes that could change the way we think. And deduce predictions for future outcomes from persuasive pilot data. A clear, concise, well-written grant proposal stands a better chance for success. And if permitted as part of a grant proposal submission, a video could cut through a relatively complex grant-writing process. A two- to three-minute video clarifies your mission and monetary requests for the grant panel or program officers in a fraction of the time it takes to read the grant proposal. They will love you for it.

A compelling, video offers a well-written, well-lit and well-filmed product with superior sound and response-driven narrative. And convinces through persuasive interviews and powerful footage using actors or narrators to dramatize peoples, places and events. An advocacy video can relive, consistently, the passion of your belief and commitment to world change.